New Media MA independent research blog concerning citizen media and democracy in the digital age.

Content posted here constitutes a singular project between January and May 2018.

Project sources and Github repository:

  • master, for code files, jupyter notebooks and other supporting materials.
  • gh-pages, for blog content files.

This site is a static site generated by jekyll and served using Github pages. The default theme minima is being used.


I havent left an email address but if your would like to get in touch, notice any mistakes or anything like that feel free to open a issue via github.

Archive of this page

On a bit of a side-line, I have been using this page to prototype creating version archives of GitHub pages. Below are all the different version histories that were created. Now, as some of the content is more dynamically generated, it is the same across multiple versions. For instance, the archive table once it appears in the template, will always be the current archive. Its basically the equivilent of reading the source history of this file but getting jekyll to re-render it.

Created commit.file Commit comment
2018-05-06 01:02:32 +0100 2 new articles (ish). added to methods and archive pages also
2018-05-02 03:17:05 +0100 added archive to about page
2018-05-01 23:13:12 +0100 doc re structure